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TimeConsultant meets DCAA Compliance Standards.
Improve Employee Time Reporting
Users can enter time quickly and easily from anywhere using an internet browser.
Automatically send email notification to remind employees to submit their timesheets.
Speed Timesheet Approvals
Managers can view and approve all timesheets quickly and easily.
Eliminate paper timesheets.
Automate Paid Time Off Accruals
Calculating and viewing vacation, personal time, paid time off is automatic, saving your company time.
Simplify Expense Reporting
Bill expenses to specific projects, including specific descriptions.
Users can define both currency and method of payment.
Managers can view all expenses to be approved on one page.
Streamline Billing & Invoicing
Invoices can be generated based on time and expenses that have been submitted by employees by project.
Invoices include bill rate changes for an employee, support for daily bill rate, and can be sent via email directly from TimeConsultant.
Groups of invoices can be batched for printing, emailing, or exporting to an accounting system.
Instantly Analyze Gross Income Across All Levels
Accurate profit reporting at any level in the organization.
Immediate Gross Income Reporting by Consultant / Project, Department, and Division.
Analyze gross income detail across all levels of the organization.